Town Watch Integrated Services
990 Buttonwood Street
4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123
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(215) 686 - 1459
(215) 686 - 4523
(215) 686 - 4529  FAX

Philadelphia, Pa.
Executive Director
Anthony Murphy 

Operations Supervisor 
Pablo Mateo                         6th - 9th - 24th - 25th - 26th  Police Districts      

Area Coordinator
Douglas Evans                    14th - 35th - 39th - 5th - 22nd  Police Districts 

Community Support Specialists 

Nick Schmanek &
Carmetta Dickerson            1st - 3rd - 17th - Police Districts                   

Alicia Hernandez-Mette       2nd - 7th - 8th - 15th  Police Districts   

Tara E. Smith                        12th - 16th - 18th - 19th  Police Districts  

Reginald Hall                        School District Mobile Response Teams

Office Staff
Brenda Playfair

Web Master  
Art Potts                     
Philadelphia Police Department 
City of Philadelphia 
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           Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS)
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Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone!
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Summer is here, let's get involved by join town watch.
We need members for patroling and 
eyes and ears groups.
Lets make every community a safe community.
If you need training for new group 
 or new members, please call us today.