Joining or Starting a Town Watch Group.

7 steps to starting a successful town watch program

1: To find the nearest neighborhood Town Watch group, contact the T.W.I.S. 
    office (215) 686-1459(215) 686-1459 to speak with your community support specialist.
    This person will walk you through the steps to join or to start a successful                                             Town Watch partnership. 
    If there's an active group near you, the representative will setup a meeting.
    If you are interested in starting a Town Watch group, he or she will help 
    you to establish and train a T.W. group for your area.

2: Talk with your neighbors to recruit and organize as many people apossible.

3: Contact your local church, school, recreation center to obtain a location for your first meeting         You may be able to use a neighbor’s home.

4: Create a flyer to announce your meeting time, date and location or go to                                  
    for a generic flyer that you can personalize.

5: Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan and keep the meeting on topic.  
    (Remember you want to build a better future: you can’t change the past.) 

6: Discuss the best time, day and place for holding regular Town Watch Training certification
    meetings for training on relevant skills such as --

    * Organization building
    * Recognition and observation skills
    * 911 response codes 
    * Reporting to whom, where, and when 
    * Community policing partnership
    * Actions to avoid 
    * Fire prevention & first aid
    * Personal and home safety

7: Implement a phone and an e-mail list to keep everyone updated 
    about future meetings & news.

Starting a Town Watch, click for a color printer Brochure

Starting a Town watch, Click for a black & white Brochure 

Spring is here!  time to get out doors, 
what a great way to meet your Neighbors. 
This is also a great time to Join or start a Town Watch