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Amber Alert Master List of Missing Children
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Keep Your Children Safe

Free Child Safety Kit shows you how to teach
your children:

Which strangers to ask for help when no trusted
adults are available.

How to recognize dangerous situations.

How to respond to those dangerous situations correctly.

Also included in the 24 page Kit with this special information
for your family.

Special no-scare methods for each age group.

Recording your child's fingerprints in the privacy
of your home.

Sampling and storing your child's DNA in your own home.

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.What is the Amber Alert Plan?

Provides descriptive information about the child and the perpetrator,
If known, to the public in the hope of enlisting public support in the search efforts.

Child abduction alert notification plan to notify citizens of an abduction
Utilizes the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to inform the public of an abduction

The ultimate goal is to save the life of the child. 

What about Child Abductions in the United States?
Crimes against children, particularly cases involving nonfamily abductions, continue to be an area of concern for law enforcement authorities. 

Information leaned from national studies conducted on this topic has revealed that children abducted with the intent to commit homicide are killed within the first hours to one day of the abduction.

Time is critical in saving the lives of abducted children.

The creation of the PA Amber Alert Child Abduction Response Plan is an effort to enhance law enforcement’s ability to respond to this issue in the hope of preventing the victimization of children in Pennsylvania.

What is the public’s role in the plan?

By swiftly alerting the public of an abduction, the public can assist in the search efforts for the abducted child. The Public is not to take police action, but can assist police by reporting sightings of the child, perpetrator, or other associated information.