This page is dedicated to Chad Enos​ and Frank McBride
We remember Chad, our friend, our brother... 
Loyal, charismatic and kind, steadfast and true.
There never was and could be no other.
We will be a bit lost without you.
Your spirit lives on and will never die.
We are better for knowing you.
We won't say goodbye...

Until We Meet Again

You may be sad,

But be not long.

I am with you still.

I am not gone.

In warming sun and winter chill,

I am the colors of your every dawn.

When you feel a breeze gently touch your face, 

Close your eyes and know-I am in that place.

Do not forever mourn, do not wonder why.

I am the glimmering star in a midnight sky.

I am the moon, I am the rain.

I know eternal truth, I feel no pain.

You and I shall never part.

I am love. Hold me close. 

I now live in your heart.

Copyright 2009 Tracy L.Tompkins

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