" Together We Improve Safety"  

Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS) Became more diversified by taking on other programs that would benefit our goals for a safer Philadelphia and a better quality of life for all that live, work or visit here. By assisting residents with their quality of life issues, through community involvement and partnership building.

The mission:
TWIS community support staff provide technical services to facilitate in building a better network of community partners which empowers them to participate in the process of creating a desirable quality of life. Our primary goal of all TWIS activities is to create safer and more supportive environments.

Working together Town Watch groups have historically built partnerships that make positive neighborhood change. The Police can not be everyplace, By Being the "Eyes and Ears", and reporting concerns to the district police they take a major part in assisting with crime prevention. 

Community engagement and support have been added to TWIS, bridging  the gap between crime prevention and community accountability. 
Trained staff is deployed into neighborhoods based on need, to identify and work with the local leaders. Through planning, facilitation and discussion we bring to light an entire range of community issues. Organized blocks are the basis for healthy neighborhoods, 
People talking to each other, working together, and caring for each other is the only way things get done.

The overall responsibility of a Town Watch groups is to Observe, Document, and Report. For this reason TWIS Community Support staff facilitate in developing Community meetings, training of members, procurement of equipment and provide ongoing assistance for the groups to function.

School Support:
Mobile Support Team (MST) are intervention specialists assigned to address issues in the Philadelphia Public, Parochial, and Charter schools. TWIS also works with the school district to provide Safe Corridor and Parent Safety Net training and assist with school safety. 

TWIS is the only certifying agent for the City of Philadelphia for Town Watch and Safe Corridor groups.

Our History

In the 1700s, there were no police officers so the citizens of Philadelphia started the first town watch. Lighting the lamppost and calling out the time on the hour ("It's 8 o’clock and all is well!"), men would patrol throughout the evening and nighttime hours. 

These men were often referred to as Town Watchers. As our city grew, a police force was eventually hired to take the place of these town watchers. 

In the 1960s, Philadelphia was confronted by new challenges. The idea of citizens that would volunteer to be an assistance to the police was revitalized.

On July, 1 1996, the Office of the Managing Director of the City of Philadelphia instituted The Philadelphia Operation Town Watch Program under the leadership of Anthony Murphy. With the hopes of someday having a town watch group on every block in the city,  Mr Murphy and two staff members created a curriculum for training the 300 plus groups and for forming new ones.  Now, there are more than 750 certified Town Watch groups serving over 23,000 trained members.

Town watch Intergrater Services and it's volunteers are essential to public Safety, in the City of Philadelphia.  

                                " Together WImprove Safety"

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