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As Town Watch Members know, Public Safety Awareness is not a
1 day, 1 week or 1 month, it's a 365 days a year commitment.

Please come out and join us on
Patrols, Walks, Dog Walks, Sit Outs and bike rides or be part of our
Eyes and Ears groups,
by looking out your windows and doors.
What ever you do just join!
Along with other Town Watch members
You show your support against crime.

Only with Your help can we make Philadelphia a Safe City!
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TWIS Wishing Everyone a Safe 
Spring & Summer Season,
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Town Watch Reminds You to Save a Life, Adopt a Pet
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Dog walkers are some of our best Town Watchers
 Safe  Shopping Tips From the
Philadelphia Police Department
and TWIS

Do not ever use public wifi networks to do your shopping. These networks are unsecured and shared amongst all users. It does not take much technical knowledge to intercept your communications and gain access to your passwords and credit card numbers.

If visiting multiple stores, store your bags in the trunk of your car. If you must store them in the passenger compartment, make every effort to keep them out of sight.

Before choosing a website to shop with, check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure their legitimacy.

Be aware of loiterers near your vehicle. If you have any question, return to the  store and ask to be escorted.

Use strong passwords that are hard to break. You can get more information on this topic here. This is good advice to follow all year-long.

Park your vehicle in a well-lit area that is well traveled by fellow-shoppers.

Use a credit card not a debit card when you shop online. Federal law limits your liability to $50 if your credit card is used fraudulently.

Carry small amounts of cash, thieves are on the look-out for people holding large amounts of money.

Before you click OK to send your credit card information, check that you are submitting data securely.

If the address in your address bar at the top of the page begins with  then your transmission is encrypted,

if it starts with http://? it is not.

Cut up product boxes in to small pieces that fit in to trash or recycling bins. There is no need to advertise all the cool products or gifts that are now in your home to everyone that passes.

Make sure your anti-virus and anti-phishing software is up to date. You could be transmitting private data to a third-party without knowing. The chance of this occurring is greatly lessened by having the latest anti-virus updates.

Warning - Warning - Warning                                       
Phone scammers target PC users with phony virus reports

Summary: Online con artists are targeting PC users worldwide in a brazen scam. It starts with a phone call from a
 "tech support specialist" 
who warns that your computer is infected with a virus. 
To fix things, all you have to do is give the caller remote access to your PC. Here's what happens next.
The caller then asks for the primary computer user in the house, who is told: "Your computer has downloaded a virus." 
And, of course, the caller is ready and willing to fix the problem. 
All you have to do is navigate to a web site, click a link to install some remote-control software, and allows the "technician" to get to work on your computer .
The perps are using legitimate remote-assistance software, like the Ammyy Admin program from Ammyy Software Development, which posted a warning that included some reports the company has received from scam victims: this allows the others to full access to your computer and web camera to spy on you!  
What to do if you get one of those call. First HANG UP if you have caller ID on your phone, jot down the number and contact your local police dept. 
Warning - Warning - Warning 

E Mail Warning Don't Open any E Mails from UPS or FedEx opening them will Hi Jack your computer, an orange screen will come up and demand a ransom of $300.00 or more
if you pay this you get a password to unlock your computer. Only most of the time it dose not work. and all your information will be lost 
According to UPS and FedEx they never send E Mails about packages, that's the responsibility of your Shipper.   
​ways to prevent this NEVER OPEN E Mails from anyone you don't now, think before you click.
2 Always Back up your important information and Photos. Back-up drives are cheep and can save you a lot of headaches and big $$$$$$$$$$$$  in the long run.
NEVER NEVER NEVER let the person in your home until you have VERIFIED them. ( if their legitimate they will understand )

Never let anyone in your home under any condtion unless you have called a provider for some service or reason,

Always call to verify with the company that sent them and make shure the person was sent by that provider.

NEVER let them hand you a cell phone and say here talk to my boss, YOU don't know who your talking to. It could be his or her partner across the street.

Always call from your home or cell phone and you get the number from directory assistance, don't let them give you a number, that could be anyone.

IF For any reason you fell something is strange CALL 911  
Better safe then sorry.